Manifestation Orbs!!

What is a manifestation orb?


Manifestation Orbs or "Witch balls"  have been very popular since the 18th century. First in England, then in New England, but their actual origin is considered to be much older.  For well over 3 centuries, these hollow spheres have been hung in windows or, bedsides to ward off negative energy, evil spirits and ill fortune. They also were made for "good luck." Often fishermen purchased these from "Spiritual " woman, for a safe return home.

My hand made Manifestation orbs naturally ward off negative energy due to the contents of the orb.  No two manifestation orbs are the same. They are hand-made by me and not produced on an assembly line. Each orb has an "intention" meaning it is charged with what you want to "come to you". Most people choose things like "Abundance, Love, Peace, Joy. There is no need to say that you want yours to remove negativity, that's the first thing it is "charged to do".


What's exactly is inside my orb?

That depends on what you want your orb to do. All orbs contain herbs, flowers, stones/gems that are in alignment with what you are seeking. Previous orbs had a petition paper attached on top, I have now placed your petition paper inside the orb itself.

What do you mean by saying my orb is charged?

Each orb is charged under the full moon. This is so the crystals inside get the most energy to make your orb as powerful as possible.

What is a petition paper?

The petition paper is a special paper that states the intention of your orb. It is part of your manifestation. It is written on parchment paper and rolled up and tied with a ribbon and placed inside your orb.

Can I open my Manifestation orb?

You can, there is no law not to, but you then will brake the manifestation. Nothing bad will happen to you, but why would you want to destroy something you paid money for? That simply does not make sense! 

Where do I hang my orb?

I suggest any place it will not be disturbed by others. I do not recommend placing it where it can easily be dropped or handled. The most common place people hang it is near their bedroom window or near their bedside.

How long does it take for my manifestation orb to "work"

It depends on what you want your orb to do. Each person's orb has a different intention, and depending on the intention and the person, will determine when your manifestation ball will start producing results.

I accidently broke my orb! What do I do?

Do not panic, but do not throw the contents away either. Simply message me through Facebook or

email me for instructions. 

Is there other people with Manifestation orbs made by you?

Yes! There are thousands of people with my orbs. They are considered highly powerful and charged. If  you would like to see photos of other people orbs, please go to my Facebook page and look under "visitor posts" to see people that shared photos of their orb.

How much do these cost?

They are $40 USD and includes free shipping in the USA. If you live outside the USA please contact me directly through email or Facebook messenger.