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Coffee and Book
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A Mystery A brew and A Message too!

Feeling a bit daring? This is MY VERSION of a date with a book. It's full of surprises....Read on!

This is a monthly subscription book club. Not just an ordinary book club....Each month you will receive a random mystery/thriller book. Your book will be a hard cover book, it could even be an antique book, vintage, or even a modern/murder/mystery/thriller. Your book could be worth between $50-$500 USD, or it's worth is that it kept you guessing and wanting for more...You may even receive a first edition, leather-bound or even author signed. You may even receive a book from the 1800's. The book is completely random. There is more with this book, a homemade or store bought tea, or coffee to sip while enjoying the book. (That is the brew.) The last surprise which is NOT inside every book is a message, written just for you about your life. Whoa! So are you ready? Click the subscribe button and cancel at anytime. 

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