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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do I book a reading?

Answer: Please go to HERE and choose what type of reading you want and pay for it. Then contact me via email or on Facebook instant message to book the date and time. Please note, you must pre-pay for all readings. This keeps your time slot only for you so no other person can take it.


Question: How fast can I get a reading?

Answer: That depends on how booked I already am. If you want to know my immediate availability, send me a Facebook message HERE.


Question: I ordered a custom manifestation orb. How long will it take me to receive it?

Answer: Anywhere from a few days to 8-10 weeks depending on how many orders I have. The orbs are made in the order in which payment was received. Please have patience with these, they are custom and hand made.


Question: How do I order a custom manifestation orb?

Answer: Please email me with what you want your orb to do, or send me a facebook private message. I then send you an invoice to your email to pay for it.


Question: Where can I get more information about your Orbs?

Answer: You can learn about the orbs. Go here. See pics and comments on my Facebook page. It should be the top pinned post.


Question: Do you sell sage, stones or other herbs?

Answer: Yes, contact me either by email or Facebook private message and I will quote you prices, and send you photos instantly of the herbs or stones.


Question: Do you have a blog I can read to learn from?

Answer: Yes. Go HERE.


Question: Do you have a mobile app? (smartphones or tablets, ect.)

Answer: I am currently in the process of making a mobile app. Please DO NOT download the mobile app at the top of this page if you are accessing it from your mobile device. This app is an app for my hosting provider, and has nothing to do with me. You can get my mobile app notifications by subscribing to this page. You can do so on the pop ups, or main page.


Question: Do you do free readings or offers?

Answer: Yes. Please subscribe to this page by going to the main page and wait for the subscribe box to pop up. I offer free readings, pick a card on my Facebook page, free info on my blog that contain tools and helpful hints, ect.


Question: Where else can I follow you?

Answer: I have a cool pinterest page that has many boards. You can follow it HERE. You can also follow me on Instagram HERE.


Have more Questions? Send me a Facebook Message or Email me! Blessings Rose Mari


*Absolutely no refunds on readings or Custom orbs. Period.



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