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Money Oil and It's Uses

Thank you for your interest in my money oil. Here is some information on how to use money oil to manifest abundance in your life.

You can use money oil to attract and manifest money/ abundance or opportunities in your life. It is a powerful drawing oil that helps the energy naturally attract to you. There are many ways to use the oil. Think in terms of energy. Here are some of the most common ways money oil is used:
1. Dress a candle with money oil and light it to bring money to you. (Use a Green or White candle)

2. Dab some on your wrists before a job interview, or any opportunity that could potentially draw money to you.

3. Dab money oil on court documents, legal paperwork, leases, to make the money flow in your favor.

4. Dab money oil on things that you are trying to sell. (just a tiny dab)

5. Dab money oil on your for sale sign of your house to make it sell at a higher price.

6. Dab money on your mailbox to receive unexpected money in the mail.

7. Write down the things you want, and dab money oil on the paper, and put it in your pillowcase.

8. Dab money oil on something you want to buy, such as a car or home and allow the universe to try and help.

The uses for money oil are absolutely endless! These are just a few suggestions. Make sure you state your intention when dabbing oil. A good intention would be "Universe I will receive this (fill in the blank) because I know I am worthy, and I am guided by the Devine." 

Don't have a bottle of my handmade full moon charged money oil yet? Get your bottle here. I only use organic herbs, in an extra virgin olive oil base. My money oil contain gold flakes.



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