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Below are real people with real testimonies. I encourage anyone that had a reading with me to please leave a testimony. You can keep your identity anonymous, or only give your last name, or just give an email so others may contact you about their experience with my readings. I must always protect the privacy of my clients, so clients that post anonymously, please respect that, because you have the same rights to privacy. If you are going to leave a testimony, and want to remain anonymous, please post "anonymous" rather than giving a phoney or fake name. I post all testimonies, regardless if they are negative or positive. I want everyone to be able to express how they truly feel about my readings, what you got out of the reading, and how it has helped you in your life.



Eddie S, Virginia-"absolutely amazing, calls people by name and her accuracy is oustanding and she takes her time with you and does not rush you!!!"


A, Harrington, White Plains, NY- "Rose Mari creeped me out. I have had psychic readings before but to give me names, places and dates is just incredible. She is incredibly acuurate!"


Mike K, Jacksonville, FL- "I usually dont do these types of things, but a friend told me about Rose Mari and I was really impressed. I guess there are people in this world that can sense things and see the dead! Glad its not me! I'm no longer a skeptic."


Jennifer W, Ohio-"After my reading with Rose Mari I just couldn't sleep. Her readings are beyond accurate and will give you creepy chills like you are in some kind of horror movie. She told me the names of my kids, and where I grew up, and where I lost my wedding band! Just too much! Highly recommend and I will be going back to her for future readings."


Erin, B, Providence R.I.- "Omg! Omg! Omg! That's all I can say....she is real!"


Kevin Black, CA- "I want to give a testimony because this woman deserves one. Whatever gave her these gifts, I do not know....but I think she deserves some sort of recognition besides a website. I have never met someone so gifted in my life. I think if I had these abilities, it would surely give me some sort of anxiety."


Kara, P. Kentucky- "She is a veryaccurate psychic and I felt at peace after my reading."


Regina, L- Philadelphia, PA- "I think she is probably the best psychic in the USA. Just amazing. Thank you Rose Mari"


J. Casillo, Long Island, NY- "Today I had the opportunity to speak with Rose Mari....All I can say is that I am thoroughly impressed by her gift and she was so on point with names of people in my life, the description of them and knowing a lot without me even saying anything! Rose Mari was so good I was crying when she knew a deep rooted issue I had experienced a few years prior! I recommend a reading by her because she is impressive, descriptive and very sincere!"


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