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Everything you need to know about a deceased reading









Q. What is a deceased reading?

A. A deceased reading is a psychic reading where the energy of someone that has passed away is pulled into your reading.


Q. Is a deceased reading like a seanse?

A. No, a deceased reading only involves me pulling in their energy. I am making contact, but through energy, and I am not "calling out." Their energy is pulled into my head, not my body. I will not start talking like your deceased relative, meaning I am pulling the energy to me, not inviting them to take over me.


Q. Can I ask my deceased loved one questions? How do you get the answers?

A. Yes, you can ask your deceased loved one questions, after I pull their energy. They will be able to hear you, then they will answer me "in my head".


Q. How long have you been doing deceased readings?

A. Over twenty years. I have been able to see the dead since I am 5 years old.


Q. What do I need to tell you about the deceased person for you to pull their energy?

A. I need their name, and date of birth, and date of death. (physically body death. No one actually "dies".)


Q. I am very interested in doing this, but I am frightened for some reason?

A. There is no need to be frightened. Nothing can cause you any harm. I am the medium doing all the work. It is very safe. It is very similar to "praying" to your deceased person. They can hear you, they just do not have a medium to let you be able to hear their response.


Q. How much does it cost and how long are they?

A. They cost $50.00 USD for one hour. If for some reason I cannot pull the energy of the deceased person, you will get free deceased readings of that person until contact is made. I can usually pull energy on the first or second try. This is a sale price for a reading booked in the month of October only.


Q. Do you have testimonies or references/certifications?

A. Yes, please check my website for testimonies here. Or please visit my Facebook page here to read testimonies and see my certifications.


Q. How do I buy/book a deceased reading?

A. It is very simple. Simply click on the "buy now" button below. Next send me an instant message on Facebook HERE, or email me HERE to collaborate a date and time.



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