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Is having/ordering or buying a psychic or spiritual reading against my religion?

What a great question! I am glad you asked. This is a very common question asked........ Please read!


Is having a Psychic Reading against my religion?

To answer all of you about that question, since I get so many, I need to clear a few things up.  I am Catholic, born and raised.  I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and practice my religion.  Your religion (whatever it may be) and having a psychic reading have nothing to do with one another, despite what you may think. This is certainly nothing of the Occult.  I do not call upon dead spirits, (although they like to vist me, and I can do spirit contact, but that is a whole other story) I do not use the Ouija Board, or use other ridiculous measures.  When the police department wants to know where a missing child is, or where a dead body might be, they don't ask my religion, and I certainly dont care what theirs are.  I can do a reading on ANYONE, regardless of what you believe in a religious aspect.  Why? Because they are not related in any way shape or form. I respect all religions, and I have clients with many different religions. This is a gift I have.  For all you people out there that need some type of "technical" proof, my MRI of my brain shows activity in parts of the brain that the average person doesnt have. To answer your question....NO IT IS NOT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION, ONLY YOU CAN CONTROL WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND ACCEPT INTO YOUR LIFE. 


Peace and love,

Clairvoyant Rose Mari


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