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Rules for Live Chat

Thanks for your interest in joining me and other top psychics in live chat! Please read all these rules thoroughly before joining the chat. We must have chat rules, so the chat room is fair, and everyone gets a turn to ask a question. The chat schedule is to your left and the chat link is given out on my Facebook page or Gina's Facebook page- at 9pm EST on the days chat is scheduled. We apologize in advance if we ever have to cancel chat. Please understand that we are very busy, and other serious things may "pop up" at the last minute, making us unable to attend a chat session. Please keep in mind this is an "invited chat" if you have the link, which makes it a private chat subjected to the rules of Virtual Elements and Designs, LLC. This chat is for entertainment purposes only, and this live chat follows the same Terms of Service located on this page. This chat is designed to allow everyone to ask one non multi-part question. Keep in mind this chat is open, and what you ask everyone can see. If you, or the psychic feels the answer to your question is very personal, the psychic will advise you to do a private reading. Upon entering the chat site, please make sure you register with your REAL first name. Providing aliases, and logging in with multiple names, will only confuse what the psychic sees, and its against our rules. Also ALL IP ADDRESSES of every chat user is recorded. This is for the protection of our psychics. If you do not want your IP ADDRESS recorded, I suggest you not join our chat. Please stay quiet when you enter the chat room, as a psychic might be answering a question. Do not be rude and talk over a psychic, and do not type questions in chat unless you are called on. Most live chat sessions are only 30 minutes, and we apologize if we cannot get to everyone on a busy night. If you want a one on one session, please contact the psychic on their Facebook messenger. (This will be given out at the end of chat.) We will keep track of who we were not able to get to, and allow them to be first in the next chat session. Please do not "PM" psychics in the chat room, all chat is to be in open chat only. Please do not use foul language, harass, or be nasty to others or psychics in chat. If you do not follow the rules, you will be banned from our chat, by your IP ADDRESS, not by your name. So please be very respectful since it takes energy and concentration for the psychics. Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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