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Love Spells You Can Do Yourself-Ebook


This Mini Ebook will be sent to your e-mail after purchase. It contains spells for love, that are white magic only. (Meaning they are harmless to you) It is not black magic, voodoo, or anything negative or could cause harm to you! Some of the spells are, Spells to get your ex back, spell to find true love, break up another couple spell, spell to make someone love you, commitment spell for that cheater!, Stop a divorce or seperation spell, lust and passion spell, obsession spell, spell to make your lover tell the truth, spell to "get over" someone, a spell for someone you admire to contact you. Only $5 USD!

Herbs that attract Love, Money, Wealth or Success, or even a deceased person-Custom!


I'm a true Alchemist, and I have secret herb blends that have been passed down to me from generations. Herbs are very powerful, and can efect your life, desires, heath, (mental and physical) Most of my herbs are NOT ingestable. You simply place them in a bowl by your bedside. I make custom herb blends that can attract a lover to you, attract weath, attract success, attract psychic ability, or even the ability to communicate with the other side. My herbs are not dangerous, but powerful. My herbs come sealed in a bag with instructions. They are not to be eaten. Order now, and in the notes put what you would like to attract. You want to talk to me about a more detailed blend? email me or inbox me on Facebook. $15 USD

Protection Stones, Healing Stones, Attraction Stones, Balance and Clarity Stones, Peace and anxiety Free Stones.

I have a stone for every life situation. Send me a message and tell me your situation, and I will tell you the best stone for you to carry and have. If you are familiar with stones already, simply order it and put what type of stone you would like in the notes. These are pocket stones, or purse stones to wear. $5 USD for two stones. Stones come already cleansed and charged by me.


Pure Sage

Pure Sage for cleansing and protection. Homes and belongings can be saged. Sage leaf is well known for its powers of protection, healing and prosperity, and is also said to be of great use in seeking deeper sources of wisdom. Only $10 per bag. Approx one ounce. (Includes shipping to USA) Outside USA please add contact me.

FREE Agate Necklace/or Pendulum

FREE AGATE ARROWHEAD NECKLACE! (Just pay shipping!) Agate is a stone for protection, strength and harmony! Each necklace comes on an adjustable black rope! It also can be used as an accurate pendulum. Sculpted in the shape of the ancient stone arrowheads, these agate arrowhead pendants are beautifully unique pieces of jewelry. Offer valid in USA only and only for a limited time. Get yours now!

Manifestation Orbs!


HANDMADE LOVE ORBS! WHAT ARE THEY, AND WHAT DO THEY DO? Love orbs are makical orbs that you hang by your bedside. They have been around since the medieval times, originally called witch glass, made by real witches and they hung in your home for multitude of purposes including preventing illnesses, warding of evil spirits, and even for protection. Sailors were even known to hang orbs for safety. (They were called Sea Glass Balls) The ornaments in the orb would represent a specific desire or outcome. I make orbs for healing, love, protection and prosperity. Each one is hand made, specific to you only, and very detailed. (No two are alike) They contain specific magical herbs, stone chips, and crystals. They are fully charged, each created only on the New Moon. The love orb below works by hanging by your bedside and contains herbs, stones and crystals to gain the affection of another. On top is a white magic spell, rolled into a scroll. Once read or removed, your intention of the orb is lost! These must be handled with extreme care. Each one comes with special instructions only for you. If you would like a special orb made just for you, with a specific reason, please message me privately as soon as possible. These orbs cost between $45.00 USD which includes shipping. I tried to keep them affordable since so much time, energy and also a sealed spell is attached. (The spell can do no harm) Not only do they actually work, but I tried to make them beautiful to look at! Questions? Comment or message me on Facebook! Look at other people's orbs in my Facebook comment section! Blessings.

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