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Tips and Tools to control Empathic abilities

To all my followers, as promised I would publish something to help control your empath abilities. It's amazing that a gift of being an Empath can cause so much havoc on ones life. The truth is, it will cause you emotional problems, depression and anxiety if you do not learn how to get control over it. What is an Empath? Someone who has heightened sensitivity to other peoples feeling and emotions which causes the empath to "soak up" that emotion and confuse it with your own. It is actually a form of psychic ability, which everyone has to some degree. Everyone has built in "intuition", whether you use it or not, is a complete other story. So what are Empaths?

1. Over emotional people, that can cry for no reason without mental illness

2. Can read people easily, tell if someone is lying or telling the truth

3. They find large groups of people overwhelming

4. They find it difficult to share their personal space

5. They over -relate to other peoples problems and may get very upset over a problem that is not their own

Here are a few ways to gain control over your abilities, and to use it to your advantage in the future:

1. DISCONEECT FROM PEOPLE- This doesnt mean be a robot, but if your constantly 'there" for everyone, it needs to stop. You need to focus on you, and you can still be there for friends in need but do not connect to their pain. Washing breaks a conection you might have made with someone without knowing it.

2. BATHING AND SHOWERING-Sounds a little funny but not only do you need to clean your body, showering with a lavendar base will helps cleanse your Aura.

3. PROTECTION IS A MUST- Depending on what you believe in,whether is in a form of a prayer, boosting, visualization, meditation or just a thought. For me, protection medals you wear work best for me. You can purchase protection medals HERE.

4. FRESH AIR- Energy from the sun, fresh air, and positive thoughts. Stay away from negative energy and being outside on rainy depressing days.

5. EMOTIONALLY DRAINING PEOPLE- you know who they are in your life. Don't cut them out of your life but limit time with them, dont look them in the eyes while speaking, this is known to drain your energy and your Aura. Look them in the left eye only if you must make face contact. Try to remain with phone or text communication and make all conversations short.

Need more info: Reach out to me at

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