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How the Universe really works....

Thanks for stopping by. Those of you reading this post either found it by "accident" or from a link from my Facebook page. ( I am here to tell you just a little bit on how the Universe actually works. I am a master at manifesting. To be able to manifest anything in your life, you must be an expert in how the Universe works. Before you say, "Oh I know all about manifestation and the laws of attraction, and they don't really work for me, or I study them daily and I know they work", I have news for both of you....You DO NOT KNOW HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS. You may have some puzzle pieces about it, and you may be on the right track, but you truly honestly do not know how the Universe works. You may know it on a scientific level, but you do not know how important the Universe is, and how it plays a major factor in your life. You probably do not even know you are suppose to be using it on a daily basis. You are also probably not even aware that the Universe itself can create the life you want and is constantly trying to "help you" figure it out. However, you are just sitting there thinking...."how come I never get what I desire, or why am I constantly struggling?" Well, let me explain a bit.....

This is just an introduction to how it works. Honestly, there is a "formula and daily rituals" to perform to get the Universe to manifest for you. I am not going to say it's quick to learn, but it's not a lengthy process either. However, it is something that needs to be taught and explained, in depth. Anything that requires distinct rituals, and formulas, cannot be taught to you on a blog. If it could, you all would be master manifesters. Everyone's brain is unique, in the way you think, feel and vibrate. This is the reason the Universe and Manifestation must be taught in a private course. The first step to learning to manifest, is to learn about the Universe, the second is to know EXACTLY what you want, and third is to apply your knowledge of the rituals and formulas. Here are some things you do not know about the Universe:

1. The Universe is a direct pathway to make decisions in your life, for a better life.

2. The Universe is alive, sending and receiving distinct vibration patterns and is constantly trying to align them with your own.

3. The Universe is pure energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed from one to another. (you)

4. You have the power to determine the outcome of your life using the Universe, that is its main purpose.

5. The Universe is sometimes referred to as "The Source" because of the power it can give you.

6. You didn't fall on this page by "coincidence", the word itself means to "co-inside". The Universe is trying to tell you that you have more control over your life than you think, and you just do not have the knowledge... or you are using your knowledge about the Universe incorrectly.

7. Anyone can learn how the Universe works, and can apply the rituals and techniques to manifest exactly what they want to come into their life.

8. Using the powers of the Universe to manifest, it can transform you instantly, once you are "aware".

Ok.... so now you know a little about the Universe, maybe you have heard of these things before, but you have not heard of the distinct rituals and manifestation techniques that I know. Like I said before, anyone can learn these, however everyone learns differently, at a different pace, and may need help with the rituals. This is very common. I have a lot going on in my life and cannot possibly sit for hours and show/help everyone of you how to manifest by using a specific technique. I can however, offer an interactive course that I can show you how exactly it is done, and offer personal guidance on how to use the Universe to your advantage, and you have access to others in the course that can help you. It is a truly remarkable way to start changing your life and using the Universe for what it is here for. If you think you got manifestation down pat, and you know everything about the Universe and you have been psychic your whole life...well you do not need me. For everyone else, I think it is time for a change. However, I support my followers in any decision they make. Please click on the link below to learn how to sign up for my course. Is it free? Of course not. It is my time, and more importantly, my energy. Is it affordable? Most definitely. Is it worth it? Yes. (If it wasn't, I would not even spend my time sharing it.) Questions or comments? Let me know on my Facebook page. (link is in first paragraph) To sign up for the manifestation course go here:

Blessings and Happy Manifesting,

Rose Mari X

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