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Be careful of what you think, it controls your reality. What!!!!????

Yes, you heard me right. Scary thought isn't it? Maybe a bit too far fetched for you? Thats ok, keep a journal and in six months you will see I was quite right. But what am I exactly talking about? Let me explain.........

Many of you may know about the law of attraction, and also manifestation. If you don't know about those things I will write another blog about it shortly. Now pay attention because this is going to blow your mind. Everything you think about, obsess about, pay attention too, focus on, will manifest itself in your life. So if your life is kinda crappy right did it yourself. (I know it is hard to swallow) The only thing it doesn't pertain too is illness and just common life BS. But everything else, yep you did it. This isn't my wonderous find. This idea has been around for awhile and even Albert Einstein thought the Universe (the part you live in, was made up of energy that you create.) So the key to a happy life is really simply happy and positive thoughts, because positive thoughts lead to positive behaviors, and then those behaviors lead to a better life. (Remember we cant control everything like severe illness, tragedies, and simple life BS) This goes for the rest of your life, and it is a big percentage.

Here is an example of your thoughts creating negative patterns. Sally doesnt like her job, but she needs the money so she cannot quit it. But Sally complains about her job to everyone. She tells her friends, her husband, her family.... everyone. She even thinks about how she can't stand her job before she goes to bed, and even gets more annoyed thinking about her job on the way to work. When she gets to work, she's even more annoyed, but like I said before, she tolerates it because she has rent to pay. But because she hates her job so much it's consuming most of her thoughts daily. Now Sally knows she needs another job, so on weekends she applies for jobs. Nobody is hiring her, she can't even get an interview! (We can blame some of it on the economy but not all of it) She was so busy saying she hated her job, she put it out into the Universe, and the Universe said "ok, you hate your job. What the Universe didn't know.....which one? So by all of her negative talking she literally manifested a situation of where she built up so much energy against "work", the Universe cannot now determine which work? Which job? It just manifests negative energy that is against "work" itself and then the Universe places it in a negative box, assumes you hate work and will literally keep opportunities away from you. You can miss out on so many opportunities with negative thought patterns. Even scarier....some hauntings I witnessed were actually negative energy generated by the people that lived there. Their negative energy was so severe, it manifested into poltergeist type behavior. So no ghosts.....just the tenants. Before you all say, wait....I'm a positive thinker! Maybe you think you are, but you are not. This occurs at a subconscious level. Your not even aware of it.

So great, your thinking.....What do I do now? Its not easy to change negative thought patterns, and I only gave one example about a job. Take a day and in a notebook make a checkmark everytime you think or speak outloud anything negative. It doesn't matter if what your saying is true. Your uncle might be a jerk, your mailman might always be late, and you might be right about your creepy neighbor. All of that is 100% irrelevant. You are just going to make a checkmark everytime you think something negative or speak something negative. Then, before bed...count those checkmarks. Wow huh? You really are telling the Universe to give you a crappy life. So back to what you do about it, because life isn't all gum drops, candy canes and rainbows. Be very aware, aware of what you think, and what you say. When you wake up, you think to yourself, this will be a good day. (Your brain will try and trick you because you fed it negative thought patterns so long, it wants them back. You are altering the way you think, which alters chemicals and neurotransmitters. (Similar to a drug) Your brain will tell us the bad stuff!!! (subconsciously remember...) So you will have to fight it about a month. A month!!?? Yep, a month. Everytime you think of something negative you are going to immediately stop the thought and change it with something pleasant you want in your life. At first, you will be doing it all day long. Then, after a week, less and less. Then after a month, your brain will stop doing it, because your not rewarding it back with more negative thoughts. So start by counting negative thoughts, no matter if they are true or not, count them in a book, then change the thoughts, and in a month they should change without you doing it on your own. You will then notice a change in your thinking, behavior and life. Give it a try, because life is hard enough...dont feed it too.


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