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What is Lucid Dreaming and how can I Induce it?

What is lucid dreaming and how is it connected to being clairvoyant or psychic? Lucid dreaming is being asleep and know you are actually dreaming. Many people have heard the term "Lucid Dreaming", but they really have the whole concept misunderstood. Also- I had many of you ask me privately to make a blog post about this subject, and I hope it informs you all, and of course if you still have questions you can contact me via email or Facebook messenger.

Lucid dreaming is a way to use your abilities that are buried in the parts of the brain that are "unused" on a daily basis. It has extreme benefits and can help you in many ways. Again, it's knowing your asleep, while you are sleeping, so... therefore if you are aware you are asleep, you can control your dream and put anything, anyone in it. It's a wonderful experience, and even if you never had lucid dreams before, it's easy to learn how to do it with practice.

What can happen during a lucid dream? There are many possibilities. The only thing that must happen is for the dreamer to realize their experience is a dream. From there, just about anything could happen. Lucid dreamers claim to have flown through space and visited the sun, danced in fire without being burned and have had sex with strangers. Some of the benefits lucid dreamers have are: better problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, improved memory and self-confidence, reduced number of nightmares and it provided lucid dreamers with a more restful night’s sleep overall.

How do you lucid dream? Well it takes practice like anything else. The first thing you must do is become very aware of your surroundings while you are awake. Notice everything. The petals on a flower, a blade of grass, etc. The more you are in tune and very aware you are awake, the better chance you have to have a lucid dream, and immediately know when you are in one. The second way to induce a lucid dream is to be very calm before going to bed, with no noise or distractions in your home, such as TV, people talking etc. Next, you are to lay there with your eyes closed ready to fall asleep, but you are to think about WHAT you want to dream about. Then actually say to yourself, "I am going to dream about (fill in the blank) and after a certain amount of practice you will eventually be in a dream that you will immediately have the consciousness to know you are dreaming. Then, as I said before, you can control what you will do, the out come, and it is very exciting to say the least. I myself have been lucid dreaming for years. It is more common to lucid dream if others in your family have or had lucid dreamed. Obviously, it is also more common for you to lucid dream if you are clairvoyant or intuitive. However, if you never had a lucid dream, or don't remember your not fret. Follow the tips I gave above. For people that never remember their dreams, you must buy your self a notebook and write down the dreams you actually remember. In time you will remember more and more, and eventually remember everyone.

I recommend everyone to have a dream journal since your dreams tell us so much about your life. Everyone dreams every single night, so if you think you don't...again you just don't remember. So try my steps and let me know how it goes...Happy Dreaming!

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