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Are we manifesting our own suffering?

This is probably a very old question that is puzzling everyone of us today. People message me on a daily basis asking WHY? Why is there suffering, when we are supposed to live in an abundant state? Why is there suffering when we have our own ability to manifest? Are we manifesting our own suffering?

First we must understand that most humans live in a complete unconscious mindset on a daily basis. They let their subconscious ego-mind rule their thoughts which is about "acquiring". Meaning-living in a state where we are told by our own ego we need more. We need more money, we need more friends, we need more attention, we need more clothes, we need more furniture, we need more cars and we need more "things". The minute our ego doesn't receive the "more"... suffering takes place. Because suffering is just completely inevitable to those who are not "awoke".

It is a difficult subject because you first have to understand what being unconscious is. It means living in a state of mind or being that is always reaction based vs acceptance based. The minute we decide to accept something as it is, there is no more suffering....generally because it just is.

But wait Rose what about people that did nothing wrong why are they suffering? Ok, you are missing the point. Nobody is escaping this dimension without some form of illness, tragedy or chaos. What determines if you suffer, is the response. We know this is true about people on their death beds that have accepted that they are going to die. They usually have no fear, complete acceptance, and are not suffering. These people are "Awoke". .

We also have people suffering on a personal level and a collect conscious level. Remember how energy is transferred. If you are around someone who is not awoke, their suffering will effect you and you will suffer. Meaning you will react. This is just factual psychology. The same reasoning if I put you in a room with someone in a bad mood all day, you will become in a bad mood. Since we are all part of a collective consciousness that has an ego, we all will suffer until we detach from the collective and learn to be conscious and awoke, and non reactionary. How do you do this? For the next 30 days, anytime you feel an emotion either generated by yourself or someone else transferred to you, stop conscious of it. Observe it...but do not react. If it is something that needs your attention to "do something"... do so, but do not put any emotion into it. Accept what is happening, as "is". In a month your body will shift Your anxiety will disappear, your sense of ridiculous need will be gone, and so will your suffering. Because you will accept everything as just "is". Once you accept this, again no suffering exists.. Because yes, you do cause your own suffering.


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