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How to heal your broken, tired soul.

Well, let's first start by saying what I have said in my Facebook posts, that you were not born with a broken, tired, damaged soul. You were born with a White pure soul, regardless of whom you are. Your journey during this life has made you feel like you soul is tired, or broken, dead, and heartless. I saw and felt all your comments, and quite frankly, it

broke my heart being an empath myself. Just as I state in my live broadcasts, as you read this, I would like you to read it with an open mind. I want you to absorb it, and think about it later. Don't immediately label this blog post. Let it sink in a bit, let it actually get a hold of your soul, and then make your comments on my Facebook page at So first you have to accept what I wrote about your soul to be true. Do you really think you were already born damaged, broken, tired and empty? If so, remind yourself of a baby's laughter, or the curiosity and happiness of a child with small simple things. A child is pure, because the world has not shown itself the cruelty and devastation that can happen yet. Now remember, we are not talking about third world countries where children are born in unfit destitute conditions, but even so, something like a small ball would give them great joy, but that is off topic.

So you were born with a very pure soul, and it had no hurt, or damage, nor was it lifeless. In fact, your soul is why you are reading this post today. Each person on this dimension is unique. That is not even a cliche. You have your own specific DNA sequence, there is no other you in this dimension, and you are here for a purpose. If you think everything is just random, then you really need to watch my videos and follow me even more! Nothing is random. Nothing. Nothing is "coincidental". The word itself means to "co-inside". So with that knowledge alone, let me assure you that you are unique and have quite a purpose to being here. Sometimes your purpose is to teach someone else something, maybe your purpose is to help a specific person, maybe your purpose is to do something magnificent. Maybe your purpose is just to be here for a little while, only to make your imprint on someones life, and it will be time to go. Before you say, well what is MY purpose??? That is a whole other blog post that is off topic. However, I will blog about that next week. Lets stay on track on how to get the tools you need to get these very serious harmful emotions tied to your soul, out of you.

First let me tell you having very negative emotions inside you is actually scientifically proven to be related to all sorts of health problems such as heart disease, nervous system disorders, thyroid problems, obesity, diabetes, stroke heart attack and even death. Because this is how it works...please pay close attention to this next sentence. YOUR BRAIN CAN ONLY HANDLE SO MUCH STRESS. IT ACTUALLY HAS ITS OWN STRESS/DEPRESSION THRESHOLD, IT IS ACTUALLY MEASURABLE BY SCIENCE. ONCE THE BRAIN CANNOT HANDLE THE AMOUNT OF STRESS/DEPRESSION AND NEGATIVE EMOTION, IT TECHNICALLY HAS NOWHERE TO GO. SO IT SEEPS INTO YOUR BODY AND PRODUCES DISEASE. Let that sink in for a moment. I want you to realize how important it is to use the tools I am going to show you or you are going to make yourself very physically sick, or you already are sick from your own torture. Now let's talk about your journey and why it is so hard that its making you physically ill.

Your life is just a journey. You will have good memories, sad memories, break ups, deaths, marriages, celebrations, funerals. Some experiences will be heart wrenching. Some will be full of joy. Some may be neutral. However, no matter what emotion it is, you must get it out of you unless the thought of it brings you happiness. If it doesn't bring you happiness in your mind, you must get it out of your filled up brain, before it can flow into your body and cause disease. (because your mind and thoughts are directly connected to your soul.) Now before you say that is easy for you to say Rose...........

Remember when I let you all know not to judge each other's journey? Apply that here. It is not real easy for me to say. But I usually do not air my personal life... but I have had a heart wrenching unspeakable life. I have lost a child, I have had 5 miscarriages, I buried my Mother, I have been through a divorce, I raised my sister's daughter, and I have been thrown to the wolves. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis all in one year. I honestly could go on and on with what I have endured, but the reason I am telling you this... is you don't sit there and think "She cannot possibly relate to my situation." I can most certainly relate, and I guarantee its probably up there in the "Lets put Rose in the severe life Journey" category.

I don't know about you, but if you were put on this earth and you are reading this, all those bad things that happened, or are currently happening, you got to get them out of you and get your soul pure again. No matter what the Universe throws at you, you MUST be able to learn and apply coping skills. Because we cannot control what is going to happen. These are the things we can do. 1. We can use our intuition and our gifts to try to make better life decisions so we do not have bad experiences that we can control, and 2. We can learn how to use specific coping mechanisms so we do not let the negative emotions overflow into our body and give us disease and tear our souls apart. I hope you are with me so far, you have to do this, you do not have a choice. So lets get started. Take notes, bookmark this page, do whatever you got to do, take it serious. Take it as serious as Cancer, which I also battled.

HERE ARE YOUR TOOLS. THEY INVOLVE JOURNALING, PRAYER (IN YOUR OWN RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY) AND CHANGING YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS. Remember, just like your life is a journey, this will be sort of a journey for you too. It will be a process. You will not get instant results overnight, but if you do nothing, you will continue on with a heavy heart, feeling depression, anxiety and a "broken down soul".

1. First remember the world is rapidly changing. Things can change in an instant with no warning, even a psychic may have no warning due to the butterfly effect. You must accept and expect bad things will happen, but know if they do you will be able to go on, to focus yourself out of the depression and heartbreak. This is not about stopping heartbreak, if the Universe did that.... you would not know what love is. Make sense? So the first thing you want to do is start a daily journal. It doesn't matter if you are not good at writing. Nobody is seeing this journal except you. Do not use a computer or an app. You must use the old fashioned notepad and pen or pencil. It is scientifically proven if you write something down in a book, it is a form of a "release" of things from your mind. Typing it doesn't do that -so you will have to get off your phone for 30 minutes everyday. What are you writing in this journal? Anything you want. Write about everything, and nothing all at once. Write about your broken heart. Write about how he/she made or makes you feel. Write about how sad you are. Write about that great chocolate cake you ate! Write about the things you love, the things you hate...write it all. Make sure you're in a peaceful place, preferably alone for 30 minutes. Do this everyday and do not skip a day. Remember it's your life.

2. Pray. Yep I said it. I have over 11 Thousand followers with all different religions and that is what makes it so great. You are going to use your own faith... whatever it may be, to ask for help/guidance/protection. Agnostic or Atheist? Well. I'm sure you believe in the Universe. I can prove that exists for to the Universe. It does answer back.

3. Change your thought process. Everyday when you wake up no matter how bad it may be, you are going to say out loud what you are thankful for. Even if it's that you did not sleep on hay the night before. Be thankful for everything. It changes your thought process. Be thankful for the toothpaste as you brush your teeth, be thankful for your coffee.

4. Talk it out with someone you can trust. If you do not trust a soul, tell it to the journal.

5. Change your body language. Are you always slumped? Pouting? Pointing. Change that. Sit up straight, smile and be happy you are alive. Your body language can give off negative vibrations. Do you want to sit next to someone giving off negative vibrations??? UMMM no.

6. Try to do an exercise where you do not allow any thoughts to come into your mind for 60 seconds. Once you do that, increase the time. This will teach your mind to not "overflow".

7. Be creative. Take another 30 minutes of the day and do something that is artsy. Draw, paint, play a game. Make crafts. Hey listen, I know its hard finding time, but if you really want change, you will find this hour a day. (30 minutes for the journal, 30 minutes for the creativity.) This stimulates the mind to react differently, be positive, and also develop different thinking skills.

8. Change your thoughts! The minute you catch yourself worrying or thinking negative you are to change it to a picture of something you love. After a while, the brain will just naturally change the thoughts for you! At first, you will find yourself doing this 100 times a day. (at least)

9. Connect to Nature. Yes. Take a long walk in the woods or a State Park and observe the natural beauty all around you. Go alone. Bring a bag. Collect things that you see that inspire you. Maybe a rock shaped like a heart, and acorn calling your name. Take a long walk in the woods. Think about nothing. Connect back to your original roots. Which is nature. It releases feel good chemicals in the brain. It releases endorphins and raises Serotonin that is linked to depression and anxiety.

Do this for 6 months everyday. Then message me on Facebook. Don't try to tell me you did it and it didn't work, because I will know. JUST DO IT AND GET YOUR SOUL WHITE AGAIN. YOU CAN DO THIS....GET YOUR SOUL UNBROKEN........FOR ME. :)

Many Blessings to you all,

Rose Mari X

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