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The Truth About Shadow People

What are Shadow People? Lets start there. Shadow People or Shadow Persons are described as a black mass or a human shaped black shadow that usually enters the victims bedrooms during sleep, or right before falling asleep. Scientists like to tie this to sleep paralysis, but the truth is much more sinister.

There seems to be a growing epidemic of this phenomenon, not only in paranormal chat rooms, groups and message boards, but even with my own clients. I have had at least 200 people tell me that have been visited or tormented by Shadow People.

What do they want and why are they here? I do not, I repeat, I do not believe all of these people are just having wild imaginations. If that were to be true, everyone is seeing the same thing, during similar hours, doing similar things? That is just ridiculous as calling it sleep paralysis. What they are, are negative energy forces, that manifest into a human shape. (This is my theory, but as you all know my theories are usually quite accurate.) The victims didn't "do" anything to make them arrive. You are chosen randomly, but more likely to be chosen if you are clairvoyant, psychic or suffer from real sleep paralysis, (which is the mind waking up before the body and you cannot move, but you should NOT see demons or shadow people with that.)

Scientists now even believe our world has more than one dimension, these dimensions exist parallel and very close to our own, although invisible to us. These Shadow People have the ability to cross over to our dimention and invade our space. This isn't like an episode of the twilight zone, there is actually some valid physics going on here. Scientists are now trying to put together the occurance of this phenomenon with vibrations that are associated with other dimensions.

We really do not know their true purpose, but I think they feed off of fear. It seems the only thing that can make them leave, is becoming absolutely calm and not afraid. If you show no fear, (which generates mega energy that they probably need) they will leave and move on to a weaker victim to draw from their fear.

Some people see these Shadow People when they are not trying to sleep or fall asleep. I think they have the same show no fear. I am not saying it will be easy to show no fear, I am saying that is what must be done.

Here is a typical Shadow Person experience:

A person is either already sleeping in bed or about to fall asleep. Some people say the Shadow People slowly open their door to their room, some say they can walk right through the walls. This is the part that gets terrifying......the Shadow People (sometimes it's only one, sometime it's multiple shadow people) start surrounding the victims bed, and one of the shadow persons lean close and breathe and whisper things that are usually inaudible in your ear. A sense of terror will come over you, because if you try to scream or move, you will not be able to. This is a paralysis, but its done by the Shadow People to induce more fear they need to feed off of. Some people can hear them leave, like they hear their bedroom door closing again, some people say they just disappear after they just close their eyes tightly and wish them away. Some people say there is always a shadow person that wears a hat, and that one is usually the "ruler" over the other shadow people. Regardless of what is really going on.... you just have to remember these three things. It IS negative energy, it needs your fear to stay, and you have the power to make them leave. Stay calm, do not show fear, and remember they will leave. If you do that enough times, they won't come back. (Not to you, anyway.)

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