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2021 Here I come! Readings for ALL signs!

Well all I can say is thank God that Shit Show of 2020 is over. 2020 is probably summed up as everyone's worst nightmare that came true. We experienced so much loss, all of us, as a whole. We experienced loss as families, as couples, as businesses, as health, we experienced the loss of life. All of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs were challenged. Let's not tone it down. Let's not say, "Well it made us strong." Screw that. We were already strong. We were already hurt. We were already fighting...we didn't need 2020 to make us strong. So, let's not let anyone hand us the shit of 2020 and try to candy coat it into some weird "Strength" Chocolate pudding. Just enough. I am not the psychic to do that. You will not hear from me, that you needed 2020 to make you strong. EFFF that. However, let's move on. The Universe is moving, planets are spinning, energy is swirling...with or without us. This is going to be a New Year. Not a perfect year, but a BETTER year. The only thing that we can say 2020 did to us, was show how damn important life is. That's it. We take life for granted. Before you say, No, I don't....Yep you did. Maybe now we can not only do self care, but we NEED to help each other. The Earth is actually dying for us to heal. It's desperately pleading for it. We need to start looking at each other differently. We need to really stop everything that is not made from love. If you are struggling with that, you may have stopped loving yourself along the way. That's ok too. Put your pieces back. Put the pieces of you that fell apart...back. Put them back carefully, like placing a glass antique back up on it's shelf. Put your heart back where it belongs. Just put it back. If you need to cry while putting them so. Like my mom used to say, "Even if you are crying, do it brave." Now let's get to the signs.

ARIES....Aries your career will be the focus this year. You have a lot of ideas swirling in your head, and the possibilities are endless! You will have so much to choose from, but choose wisely. With the 10 of Pentacles coming in as your career card, letting me know that this year you finally get stable. It's also signifying the solid state of the energy, and as we move to The Sun, card that is connected to your pentacle card, it lets me know you will reap abundance from this. Lastly with the 10 of cups, definitely making your stability known to me, along with more stable home-life, this is a great outlook for you Aries.

TAURUS- Taurus you had a hell of a year in 2020, with many of you as essential workers. Also many of fell ill in 2020 and are possibly fighting illness and disabilities now. But do not give up! There are new opportunities that await you in 2021. You will start over, you just decided to "Go for it". Some of you will move, get a divorce, leave your sounds sad but actually you are starting something new. First pulling the 10 of Pentacles I see a change in your money situation.(For the better) I think that move might be for financial reasons that pay off in the end. Next, the Chariot card. You are on your way. Almost like...Get me outta here energy. Well the Universe is listening. We awake to all opportunities to make that happen. Lastly the 5 of swords tells me you are overcoming these challenges. Also a new love interest for some....perhaps??? As we on to GEMINI- Watch out because Gemini is on a mission. There is travel, and land and home purchases, going back to school and or learning new information. You just feel stuck and stagnant. You want out of where you are. You need it. It is in your soul. Gemini with it's duality must have their home, but must travel too...or they get real weird. lol. The good news Gemini...The cards I have for you puts my thoughts correct. First with the 8 of wands...I do see this swift movement. Once the momentum of travel gets going... you are gone. You want to visit new places, and see new things. The 8 of Pentacles coming behind is letting me know just have steady patience knowing you will achieve the right situation for you. CANCER- Cancer you are done being emotional and are trying hard to focus on doing something of substance. You have many possibilities this year including MONEY, new job opportunities or the sale of something big, like a home, car. With the first card being the Wheel of fortune, it is letting me know you will have a change in your financial circumstance...for the better!! The next card is letting me know that you may be relying on someone else to provide for you...The 10 of pentacles is also letting me know that you may receive large sums of money from inheritance or "back pay" or something in that you didn't technically "Earn". This is ok, just be cautious with this abundance or it will back fire. The last card of 10 of wands lets me know you have been carrying a heavy mental burden. If you don't know what to do about it...turn to your individual faith. On to LEO the Lion- Hello Leo's. Well this year you will finally learn that your stubborn butt cannot do everything yourself. You will have to put your pride away and ask for help. You will be surprised how many are willing to do so. I see relationship changes with Leo's. Family and personal relationships will be strained. With the first card being the Ace of swords, I feel a change coming in 2021, it is a new beginning for you. This is one of the most powerful cards in the deck, and it's letting me know that you are ready for change in 2021, and you seek some clarity, but might not receive it until later on in the year. I do see you seeking the truth to something as I pull the 2 of wands, you seek the truth to many things, especially in Mid Summer. You might learn you have made a few mistakes, but the good news is you will learn from them. You have deceased energy to guide you comin in as the King of swords. A strong hearted, decisive and intelligent man. Use his energy...he hears ya. On to VIRGO-Another sign with job and career opportunities. Some of these opportunities involve travel and take it! You are really career focused in 2021 and really want to bank this money. If you are someone without a job/career you will start to look for work and get excited about it. You should be. As I look at your cards, we have Strength in the Major Arcana coming out to let me know you have survived alot of crap last year. You are strong now and can endure whatever comes next. Next with the 10 of pentacles, you will find financial stability and the family tradition you crave. You will have to create these traditions yourself as some of you have wako family members. lol. Fret are not the same person as last year...this year you have strength for last years turmoil. The last being the 3 of swords where you need to mend the heart from those that have hurt you. Now this is LIBRA- Romance is in the air for 2021! There is this new person in your life...maybe you just met him/her or maybe you will have to wait to the Summer or Fall. What I do not want you to do is put others first and miss out on this person. You deserve to be happy after a period of such loneliness! For the married or partnered Libra's out there, your relationship will change. It will either renew and re-kindle or end. Either way its for your greater good. Time to stop putting so much of your time on family members and take a step back. It is time for you now as I draw the lovers card....woo woo and after the 2 of cups letting me know there is a partnership here that will blossom in some way. Remember you are your own destiny so go with your heart with this. The last card, the Hierophant letting me know this guy/girl coming your way must be, traditional and have old fashioned morals or you are not having it. Those of you with cheaters, you will be walking away from the in 2021! Good Bye Felicia!! On to Scorpio- Our friendly neighborhood serial killer. HAHAHA. Just kidding guys. But here is a fun fact...most serial killers are Scorpios or Sag' If you are feeling a little crazy, stop yourself from your murder spree. lol. Ok, I had my fun...Scorpio you are going to have a great year! I see big new things. Buying big items. Buying a home, or renting a new home, and taking vacations. It's going to be a great ride for you guys. It's all about excitement and new "Stuff". When I drew the cards the 4 of wands popped out to let me know about the purchases of home, or property. The Ace of pentacles is letting me know about the Abundance without risk, and the World card is letting me know you are your own manifestor, so the World is at your finger tips. Just do not get caught up in the anxiety loop! Moving right along to the Fire Sign Sagittarius. You are lovely people but these fire signs are always high energy and I get exhausted just watching you people. lol. You have alot happening for you in 2021 also! You want to leave a certain situation you are in, or a certain mindset. You need to leave the situation, it is only providing you grief. Get out of that situation or mindset. It's just not going to work for you Sag. Even though you might have found yourself "Alone" alot in 2020, you crave some solitude also. This year you will be looking to travel and to move. I see you traveling to visit family in other states or countries, and make it a solo trip. You are dragging people along and you need some space. As I pull some cards for you I see the 8 of wands that is telling me you will be traveling in 2021, and 3 of wands...Part of you knows you need to leave but you are not sure where to go? I am left holding the Fool card. This energy is playful and fun energy and that is what you crave, But be careful, your past wrong doings can come back to haunt you. Learn to forgive. Now we move on To Capricorn-Well Capricorn you have worked your butt off, for years now. You really put effort into everything. Your home, job, you just put alot of hard work in energy and you feel like you never get the benefits back, but 2021 is your year!!! This year is all about you chasing money, going after more money and finally feeling the benefits of that! Some of you are in situations where someone is draining you of your money....cut that person right out. As I pull some cards for you we have the 9 of cups letting me know of your chasing the money, and are still money focused. Next is the 8 of cups letting me know it's time for a change for you and you will be walking away from what no longer serves you. If something leaves your life...don't chase it! The last 3 of pentacles is letting me know that you have put in your effort! On to Let me sing it for ya now...."The Age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius!!! YES THIS IS YOUR YEAR. (MINE ALSO.. HAVE TO BRAG...LOL) We are going to RULE this year, because after all, it is OUR year. When I charted Aquarius all sorts of great things coming into play. Massive Abundance, New Opportunities for business, meeting a soul mate, making name it...we are having it and I am not just saying this because it is my sign. Aquarians tend to be too humanitarian sometimes, overly Empathic and do to much for others when it is not reciprocated. However this year, all those Aquarius good deeds will come into fruition for Aquarius. Your Independent nature is going to make your business fly, or your career soar. You just have to learn to tune down your emotions to reap those benefits. I pull the knight of pentacles, the energy dictating abundance for a long haul. Next the 10 of Pentacles indicating wealth and success, and the High Priestess, because that is you. The Queen or King, full of wisdom and silence to the fools. (Trust I silence my This is your year. Grab it, and own it like a badass. Next is Pisces...I didn't forget about you with my AGE OF AQUARIUS thing going on... You have a lot going on yourself!! You will have a much calmer year. Lets face it 2020 was alot for you. Right now you are still spinning from 2020 adrenaline but that will soon come to an end. Pisces actually enjoys being alone, and being a hermit doesn't bother them much. Your year will be much more calm and centered. It will be more focused and non chaotic. Last year stole alot of things from your own self. Use this year to get back into the things you love like Art, and the ability to create. Get back into writing or drawing. Take more time for yourself. I see a much relaxed needed Summer. You need to make 2021 your healing year. The cards I pulled are the 3 of swords, which represents grief that you have not yet healed from, The hermit, which is the energy needed now. (re-center yourself...go listen to music or draw, alone) and the Ace of cups..where this year you will find new love, and an emotional awakening that will show itself after you are grounded. But get that alone time first. Truly alone. Go walk somewhere and just be with your own being. Relax for once. Well that's that. If this did not resonate with you, remember this is a general reading for the signs. If you want a really accurate reading, please book a reading with me. Simply go Here or to my Facebook page and send me an instant message or email me. Send a carrier pigeon, or a BUT WAIT ROSE...YOU DIDN'T MENTION THE WORLD OR THE PANDEMIC OR WHAT WILL HAPPPEN??? CORRECT. THAT IS PRIVATE INFO FOR MY PATREON CUSTOMERS ONLY. (THIS IS NEW...YES!) IF YOU WANT ACCESS TO THAT READING, SIGN UP ON MY MAILING LIST HERE. THAT READING WILL POST NEXT WEEK! Thank you everyone and have a safe, happy 2021.....GOODBYE 2020 Nobody will miss you, you are like a narc ex!

LOVE XO Rose Mari


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